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Divorce Attorney Representation For Same-Sex Couples In San Antonio

Last updated on June 14, 2024

Same-sex couples face the same marital difficulties as any other couple. An LGBTQ+ marriage could end because of communication difficulties, financial issues, differences in lifestyles, cheating or substance abuse. Legal representation is essential to protect the interests of each spouse going through a divorce.

At Sralla Family Law PLLC, our lawyers understand the dynamics of same-sex divorce, and we want to help families in need find peace in their lives. We represent gay and lesbian couples throughout San Antonio and surrounding counties.

Whatever your concerns, we can help you resolve them.

What Services Do We Provide To Couples?

Same-sex couples can expect their divorce to proceed just like an opposite-sex couple’s divorce. Our family law attorneys can help you with:

  • Child custody concerns
  • Child support determinations
  • Property division
  • Alimony/spousal support disputes
  • Challenges related to dates of union

Your divorce may face unique challenges related to overt and covert biases. Our lawyers will be by your side to help you navigate any issues that may come up during your divorce.

What Are Your Parental Rights?

Many same-sex couples with children face a lot of scrutiny in court.

In Texas, same-sex parents have the same child custody rights as heterosexual parents. Child custody issues in every divorce involve the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time. Parents are encouraged to agree on decision-making authority and parenting time, but if they cannot, the court will decide based on the child’s best interests.

To establish parental rights, non-biological parents may need to pursue an adoption of the child. Legal complexities may arise for children born via surrogacy or in vitro fertilization. Establishing parentage for same-sex couples can involve joint adoption or legal presumptions based on marriage.

Our lawyers want to see all parents retain their parental rights after a divorce. We provide our clients legal support as they fight for their parental rights for their children.

Why Should You Pick Us?

Since same-sex marriage became legal in the United States in 2015 after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling of Obergefell v. Hodges, we have been working with same-sex couples to resolve their family law issues. Our Same-sex divorce attorneys take a caring and understanding approach to every same-sex case.

We are a small, welcoming family law firm in the Highland Park neighborhood of San Antonio. Since 2006, we have been representing clients in divorce and related family law matters. When you choose us to represent you in your same-sex divorce, we will treat you like family – and we will treat your case as if it were our own.

Learn more about our LGBTQ+ family law services.

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