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The Story Of Our Family Focused Law Firm

I’m Kevin “Buck” Sralla, the founding attorney and heart behind Sralla Family Law PLLC. I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of justice, both in the family realm and the trenches of criminal law. This is more than just my profession. It’s a calling that resonates with every fiber of my being, a narrative steeped in resilience, determination and an unwavering commitment to the people I serve.

Kevin “Buck” Sralla, age 11, wins the Jackson County Spelling Bee.

Childhood Years

My journey is one of triumph over adversity, having faced the challenges of Tourette Syndrome as a child. The tics and symptoms were companions throughout my youth and into the rigorous years of law school, but they never defined me. Instead, they forged in me a strength and tenacity that would become the hallmark of my career.

Kevin “Buck” Sralla questions Oakland (Michigan) County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer in 1995.
Kevin "Buck" Sralla
Kevin “Buck” Sralla takes the Michigan Lawyer’s Oath in 2000.

Early Career

Before the gavel and courtroom, there was the pen and paper. As a journalist, I carved a name for myself across Texas towns, known for my uncanny ability to coax the truth from even the most tight-lipped public officials. My writing wasn’t just effective; it was incisive, a tool that cut to the heart of every story.

It was Patty, my steadfast partner in life and love, who saw the potential for a greater application of my talents. “Go to law school,” she urged, confident that the skills that made me a notorious journalist would shine even brighter in the legal arena. As an attorney, my writing and prowess as a cross-examiner became the bedrock of my practice.

Kevin “Buck” Sralla wheels his wife Patty S. Sralla at a transplant recovery center after her double-lung transplant in 2015.
Kevin "Buck" Sralla
Kevin “Buck” Sralla stands in front of Lady Justice at the Oakland (Michigan) County Courthouse after taking the Michigan Lawyer’s Oath in 2000.

The Beginning Of A New Chapter

In 2006, with Patty’s unwavering support, Sralla Family Law PLLC was born. Patty didn’t just stand by my side. She dove into the trenches with me, becoming the office manager and the operational backbone of our small but mighty firm. Together, we’ve faced our share of battles, none more personal than Patty’s courageous fight leading up to her double lung transplant in 2015. During that harrowing time, I balanced the roles of caregiver and law firm leader, drawing on our shared strength and dedication.

At my law firm, clients aren’t just cases – they’re family. Their struggles, their triumphs and their lives are deeply important to me. I’ve built this firm on the foundation of genuine care, ensuring that each person who walks through our doors feels the warmth and comfort of home.

Every day, I bring my full self to the practice of law, leveraging my unique background and experiences to advocate fiercely for those I represent. I’ve seen the power of the legal system to change lives. It is that transformative potential that drives me. Whether I’m guiding families through their most trying times or defending the rights of the accused, my commitment is unwavering.

Your Story Matters To Me

Sralla Family Law PLLC may not have the imposing façade of a massive law firm, but what we lack in size, we more than compensate for in strength, passion and the personalized attention we provide to every client. We’re here to shoulder your burdens, to stand as your champions, and to navigate the complexities of the legal system alongside you.

This is my story, but it’s also the beginning of yours. Together, let’s write the next chapter—a story of resilience, justice, and the unwavering pursuit of what’s right. Welcome to my law firm, where you’re not just a client, you’re family.