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4 Types of Divorces

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Divorce

The 4 different types of divorces are determined based on the situation of the divorce. The different types of divorce can impact time and proceedings, which we break down below:

  1. Uncontested: In this case, individuals have already agreed upon issues such as division of property, child support, custody, etc. After the 60 day waiting period, either individual can approach the Judge with their lawyer and present a Final Decree of Divorce. Once the judge signs this document, the couple is officially divorced.
  2. Contested: This one is more complicated since the parties involved cannot agree on one or more issues. This can go to trial in front of a judge and jury if the terms are not agreed upon. Once the judge or jury renders the verdict, the couple is divorced.
  3. No-Fault: This can be contested or uncontested, but what makes it different is the grounds on which the divorce is sought. Here, the divorce is stated as irreconcilable differences where neither party at fault. Normally, property is divided 50/50 .
  4. At-Fault: Like the no-fault divorce, this can be contested or uncontested, but here, one party was the cause of the marriage breaking apart. This can be abuse, adultery, theft, or other improper acts. Sometimes more property is awarded to the party who is not at fault for the divorce. If abuse is an issue, a protective order can also be filed.

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