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Summer Visitation

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Child Custody

During the school year, there is a routine with child visitation. However, during the summer vacation, visitation can be altered by camps, summer school, and vacations. If one parent lives far away, there can also be a larger block of visitation during the summer. Additionally, in Texas, parents must give the other parent written notice by April 1 of specific dates needed for scheduled activities. If not, the summer visitation will be set for July 1-31. Here are some tips for making summer visitations the best for your children:

Remember to be flexible and ensure your child is kept in mind with all decisions. If they want to attend camp during what is supposed to be your weekend, work on rescheduling. Flexibility is key during the summer.

Keep track of days – if you normally have every other weekend, during the summer, if agreed upon, you could combine two weekends and plan a trip. Remember, you must have the approval of the other parent though.

Sometimes, there are court-mandated blocks during the summer. If so, this is a great time for a family vacation or just spending more time together. Don’t forget to arrange proper childcare during the day if you work.

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