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Back-to-school season: 5 Things divorced or separated parents should know

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2024 | Child Custody

As summer draws to an end and the back-to-school season begins, divorced and separated parents with custody arrangements face unique challenges.

Here are five tips parents should keep in mind to ensure a smooth transition for their children:

1. Create a Simple Parenting Agreement

Why It’s Important: A clear and consistent parenting agreement helps outline responsibilities and schedules, reducing confusion and conflict.

Action Steps: Both parents should agree on a straightforward plan detailing which parent the child will be with on school nights and weekends. If your child takes the bus or participates in extracurricular activities, keep the agreement simple to accommodate weekly schedule variations.

2. Plan Ahead for School Events

Why It’s Important: The school year is filled with activities such as parent-teacher conferences, extra-curricular activities and sports events that require scheduling coordination.

Action Steps: Consider a plan that specifies which parent will attend certain school events and where your child will spend time during days off and holidays. Being proactive helps ensure that both parents remain involved in their child’s academic and social life.

3: Track All School Expenses

Why It’s Important: Keeping a record of expenses can prevent disputes over who is responsible for what.

Action Steps: Although the custodial parent typically covers back-to-school supplies and clothes, the non-custodial parent should keep copies of receipts. This provides a clear record for compensation and helps reduce the chance of future conflicts.

4. Modify Agreements When Necessary

Why It’s Important: Life changes, and so do the needs of your child and family.

Action Steps: If existing agreements no longer fit your situation, consider modifying them. You don’t always need to return to court; a strategy and an experienced attorney can help you create a new agreement that works for everyone involved.

Court action may become necessary if the parties cannot agree on changes to the parenting plan or existing agreement.

5: Seek Legal Help When Necessary

Why It’s Important: Navigating these considerations requires careful planning and communication.

Action Steps: Consult a family law attorney for personalized advice tailored to your specific situation. Sralla Family Law PLLC in San Antonio can answer any questions you have as back-to-school season approaches.

By keeping these five key points in mind, divorced or separated parents can help ensure a smooth and successful back-to-school transition for their child.

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