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Assisting You With The Complexities Of Texas Guardianships

There are incredibly complex regulations in Texas surrounding guardianships. Whether you are thinking about establishing a guardianship over someone you love who is losing their capacity or you wish to contest a guardianship, you will need a lawyer.

At Sralla Family Law PLLC, we have served the San Antonio and Bexar County communities since 2006. Our guardianship attorneys care as much about your family as we do ours. We will advise you of your rights when it comes to guardianships and help you make smart choices about what to do for the person you love.

What To Know About Guardianships

Under Texas law, guardianships are court-supervised relationships involving minors and incapacitated adults. Generally, a guardianship involves the appointment of someone by a Texas probate court to manage the assets of the minor or incapacitated person. They should be avoided wherever possible and are generally only needed in a family law context if a child has money or property that needs to be protected during a divorce proceeding.

Guardianships are only appropriate as a last resort where there are no trustworthy individuals available to act as informal trustees of the funds.

Protecting The Rights Of Your Loved One In A Guardianship

Guardianships, when in play, involve extensive lawyer and court involvement. The guardian must submit annual accountings to the court and follow restrictions on how to spend or invest the money. The guardian must be bonded to guarantee their fiduciary responsibility to the subject of the guardianship.

All activities of a guardian are subject to court oversight and control, resulting in annual reviews and periodic monitoring. Our guardianship lawyers make sure that the guardian in question is fulfilling their duties and not taking advantage of the person you care about.

Get Guidance About A Texas Guardianship

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