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Charting Your New Course Through A San Antonio Silver Divorce

Divorcing past the age of 50 comes with a spectrum of unique challenges. Our Texas divorce attorneys at Sralla Family Law PLLC can help you. We have served the San Antonio community for more than 18 years. From our dedicated team, you will find the sophisticated advocacy of a large law firm with the warmth and attention to detail of a small one.

We believe that a divorce lawyer should not only be highly knowledgeable but also deeply empathetic. You deserve advocates who stand by you like family, especially during the intricate process of dividing a lifetime’s worth of assets in a gray divorce.

What Is Silver Divorce?

Silver divorce, also known as gray divorce, refers to the rising trend of couples divorcing later in life, often after many years of marriage. As life expectancies increase and social norms evolve, more individuals over 50 seek new beginnings. These divorces can bring unique financial and emotional complexities, which is why having a divorce lawyer who understands the nuances of silver divorce is crucial.

Fighting For Fair Division Of Complex Assets

Dividing assets in a silver divorce requires careful consideration and strategic planning. Here’s a list of common complex assets that often need division:

  • Business assets
  • Stock options
  • Retirement accounts
  • Real property
  • Investment portfolios
  • Life insurance policies
  • Collectibles and antiques

Ensuring a fair division of these assets is paramount. Our property division lawyers have an outstanding collective experience. They strive to protect your interests and ensure that the division of community property is equitable and considerate of your future needs.

What Should I Know About Divorce Past Age 50?

After being married for years – sometimes decades – it is common to have concern, hesitation and uncertainty about divorce. You also probably have a lot of questions. Below, you can read our divorce attorneys’ responses to some of our clients’ frequently asked questions about gray divorce.

What are some of the common reasons older couples get divorced?

Every couple is unique and has different challenges in their marriage. When it comes to senior citizens, some common reasons for divorcing include:

  • Growing apart over time
  • Seeking personal fulfillment
  • Financial strain or disagreements over finances
  • Changes in career dynamics
  • Irreconcilable differences that became more pronounced later in life

Often, two or more reasons are at the root of an older divorce.

What are the unique legal issues that arise in a silver divorce?

Seniors dissolving a marriage will face challenges that younger couples will not. These may include:

  • Division of retirement assets
  • Impact on estate planning
  • Health insurance concerns
  • Adult children’s college funds or financial support
  • Spousal support arrangements

Our team has seen all of these issues. We simplify them so you can focus on living your life.

How can a San Antonio divorce attorney help an older client through the divorce process?

Your divorce lawyer can offer guidance on complex asset division, setting you up for financial security. They can also navigate the immensely complex legal system so that you are not put at a disadvantage. Perhaps just as important, they can provide emotional support throughout the process.

Why Choose Us For Your Texas Silver Divorce?

There is certainly no shortage of divorce and family law attorneys in Bexar County. However, we are different. Our team treats our clients like family because we understand the personal nature of divorce. Our attorneys create a comfortable environment that feels like home while offering caring and sensitive legal counsel. We have the experience to navigate through mediation, collaborative law or litigation, ensuring that we can tailor our approach to suit your needs.

Begin Your New Chapter With Our Trusted Guidance

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